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2nd November, 2017

Holiday Crafts: Locally Sourced Pine Cone Decorations

It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot like Pine Cones!  EVERY Where You Go… In Lake Tahoe!

Photo By: Liz West from Boxborough, MA

South Lake Tahoe is the best place to wind down and relax before the holidays.  Staying at Hotel Azure in South Lake Tahoe can be refreshing and rewarding.  Take a short hike in the Alpines and find the perfect pine cones for your holiday festivities.  After a long day of adventuring, rejuvenate in our two tier hot tub then nod off into the land of dreams at Hotel Azure.   Hotel Azure: the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation!

With the holidays approaching, some decorating can be tedious; however, decorating with pine cones is fantastically fun for the entire family.  Here are three easy steps to help you on your way to pine cone decorating!

First Step:  Collect the Pine Cones!

Photo By: Labradors Of Oregon

Finding the right kind of pine cone is the best part.  You may get lucky and find what we in Lake Tahoe call, the “Southern California Palm Tree Pine Cone.”  These ones are shaped exactly like baby Palm Trees; thanks to the squirrels who have taken the time to perfectly pluck the edges of the pine cones, and leave a cute palm tree like top.

Photo By: NPS

Second Step: Bake the Pine Cones @ 200 Degrees Fahrenheit for 30-40 Minutes.

Photo By: Bernice L. Rocque

One of the many perks of gathering your own pine cones and cooking them in your oven is that your entire house will smell like Christmas!  If you love the smell of fresh pine and you haven’t had the opportunity to collect pinecones and put them in your oven, then you need to experience this amazing organic process.

Third Step: Decorate the Pine Cones!

Photo By: Design Bump

Did you know???  You can create just about anything out of a pine cone.  Here are a few Holiday Pine Cone Ideas:  Pine Cone Wreathes, Pine Cone Owls, Pine Cone Bears, Pine Cone Dogs, Pine Cone Ornaments, Christmas Tree Pine Cones, Snowman Pine Cones, Santa Clause Pine Cones, even Palm Tree Pine Cones!

Photo By: Design Bump

You can even dip the pine cones in glue and sprinkle glitter all over them! 

(Warning, Glitter Sticks To EVERYTHING) :)

When you're planning your trip to Lake Tahoe don’t forget to pick up a few pine cones.  You can make these incredible decorations for your holiday celebrations!   Visit Hotel Azure for your family getaway, and grab your pine cones now!!  Quick before they are all covered in snow!!  Check out our winter specials here:  Hotel Azure