Driving Around Lake Tahoe | Scenic Drives in Tahoe

6th January, 2018

Want fun places to visit on a Day Trip in Lake Tahoe?  Take a ride around the lake!  Visit here to find out all of the iconic spots to stop along the way!


Photo: Jessica Payne

Whether you have the kids with you or you’re riding around with friends, this epic experience is a one of a kind road trip. 

Imagine this; two states, 4 counties, 16 cities, 72 miles and you can do all of this in about 3 hours.   We recommend you make a day out of it, and here’s why!

If you are leaving from the parking lot of Hotel Azure Tahoe you can go right or left to start your journey around beautiful Lake Tahoe. 

Photo: Jessica Payne

Here’s a tip:  When you leave Hotel Azure Tahoe make a right onto Lake Tahoe Boulevard and head East toward Sand Harbor and Incline Village.  When you see the sign for Hwy 28, turn left.   

The first leg of your trip will lead you along the Nevada shores of Lake Tahoe’s pristine beaches and amazing redwoods.   As you approach Incline Village you will see golf courses, small village shops and incredible restaurants.  One of the locals’ favorites is the Lone Eagle Grille.  Elk, Bear or Fish, this elegant dining experience is one of the best choices in North Lake Tahoe.  And it is a fantastic middle spot to stop and explore. 

Just another four miles and you will reach the famous Crystal Bay Casino, established in 1929.  This historic venue stretches over both California and Nevada, allowing you to gamble on one side and not on the other.  This famous location shares almost a 90 year history of legendary musicians, politicians and countless actors; it is even said Marilyn Monroe and JFK used to frequent shows here in the summers.

Photo: Jessica Payne

Just 11 miles past Crystal Bay you will enter a famous mountain town of joy and fun, called Tahoe City.  One historic spot to view is the Watson Log Cabin, built in 1908.  If you are craving a specialty drink or dessert, don’t forget to stop by Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet.   

By now, you are more than half way around the lake and the views keep getting better and better.  Just 18 miles past Tahoe City is Emerald Bay State Park.  One of the most photographed spots in all of Lake Tahoe and you can take a hike down to Vikingsholm, or stay at the top for one of the best sunsets in the Sierra’s. 

Photo: Jessica Payne

Make sure you check the road conditions for unexpected closures and snow reports, but right now, all roads travelling around Lake Tahoe are open for business.  Well, it’s about that time, fill up your tank, grab your road trip snacks and bring your camera because the views around Lake Tahoe are beautiful in the winter, with or without snow.