Dog-Friendly Beaches in South Lake Tahoe

12th July, 2018

Summer is in full swing and Lake Tahoe is one of the top dog destinations in California. There are endless trails and outdoor activities to do with your furry best friend. But, where do you go when it’s too hot to hit the trails or want a nice mellow day? The BEACH! There are plenty of beaches all around Lake Tahoe to choose from, but you need to be careful where you go as not all beaches are dog-friendly. Here’s our list of the best spots to have a beach day with your dog!

Dog Friendly Beaches

Kiva Beach

Kiva Beach is a well-known locals’ favorite in South Lake Tahoe, located on Highway 89 between the Tallac Historic Sites and Taylor Creek (Rainbow Trail). There are two sides (East & West) to Kiva, providing enough room to play if the beach is crowded. Depending on the level of water in Lake Tahoe, there can be big sandy beaches or limited sand space. The west side of Kiva beach is set back further from the water offering sandy beach space but does back against Baldwin Beach, which is not dog-friendly.  If the lake is high enough, the East side of the beach can have a minimal sandy area with water leading right up to beach access stairs.

Reagan Beach

Reagan Beach is located a short walk from Hotel Azure on Lakeview Avenue. The beach is divided so dogs and beachgoers can have a fun time and enjoy themselves. The water is shallow in this part of the lake and is a perfect option if you have a small dog. This dog-friendly strip of sand tucked away in one of South Lake Tahoe’s oldest neighborhoods, is a well-kept secret and one of the last to fill up on hot days. Dogs are allowed, leashed or unleashed on the east end of the beach.

Nevada Beach

It’s about a mile walk from the free parking lot on Kahle Drive to reach the dog-friendly side of this sandy paradise, or you can pay to park and cut the walk down to five minutes. This long stretch of beach is wedged between a no-dogs-allowed campground beach to the north and a private beach to the south. To find the dog-friendly section, just go to the southern end of the beach and follow the sign pointing to beach access to the left, or campground to the right. Nevada Beach offers unbeatable views and a lot of space for dogs to splash around in the refreshing lake.

Zephyr Cove Beach 

Zephyr Cove is a popular summer spot for locals and tourists alike. Parking on Highway 50 can be a challenge sometimes, but you can pay to park for easier beach access. Although dogs are not allowed on the popular southern end of the beach, the northside is a dog’s dream beach. There are large rocks and boulders to jump off into the calm waters of Lake Tahoe. Make sure you bring water shoes or sturdy sandals to navigate the terrain.  The water is crystal-clear, and you can climb to the top of a boulder to play fetch or just watch your dog swim until their heart is content.

Dog Friendly Beaches

The weather is perfect for a visit to Lake Tahoe. But before you enjoy a relaxing beach day with your dog make sure to reserve your dog-friendly room at Hotel Azure. Book online or contact our in-house reservation team at 1.800.877.1466