Helicopter Tours in Lake Tahoe

7th September, 2018

Some people may claim that nothing is more heavenly than the views from the top Mount Tallac or Freel Peak. These are the highest peaks with the best views of Lake Tahoe in Tahoe South. But, there is a better vantage point that saves a lot of time and effort and that is by helicopter. Tahoe Helicopters tours offer unique helicopter tours all around Lake Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness and are readily available directly from the South Lake Tahoe airport. Just pick your adventure and get ready for an aerial tour that is sure to impress!

South Shore Tours

A few of the more wallet-friendly helicopter tours are the Emerald Bay, Zephyr Cove, and the Lakes/waterfalls tours. Showcasing the beautiful Fallen Leaf Lake, Cascade Lake, Taylor Creek, and Pope Beach, the 10-minute Emerald Bay tour heads to breathtaking Emerald Bay. Surrounded by granite cathedrals and the towering Mount Tallac peak, the lake’s only true bay is named for its emerald green waters and the views are unlike anything else you’ll experience.

Helicopter Flying

The 20-minute Zephyr Cove tour encompasses the entire south shore of Lake Tahoe, starting with a trip up the East shore into Nevada. Witness the beautiful Indigo blue waters and teal shorelines as you fly to Zephyr Cove. After circling Zephyr Cove, the tour heads west along the south shoreline past Fallen Leaf Lake and Cascade Lake to Emerald Bay.

The Lakes & Waterfall tour flies to Emerald Bay before cruising south along the rugged granite mountains over Cascade Lake, past Mount Tallac, and over the beautiful shoreline of Fallen Leaf Lake. The tour heads west over Glen Alpine Creek with Glen Alpine Falls below before climbing towards Pyramid Peak, at an elevation of 9,984 feet. The area is filled with a myriad of lakes and waterfalls in the Desolation Wilderness backcountry. Zoom over the beautiful granite paradise of Lake Aloha and past Horsetail Falls before dropping nearly 500 feet. The 30-minute tour concludes by flying over Upper and Lower Echo Lake before returning to the airport.

Helicopter Parked

Circle the Lake & Sunset Tours

The 45-minute flight follows Lake Tahoe's pristine 72-mile shoreline while catching the shimmering shades of blue and green. While most of the shoreline is visible from the roads and highways driving around the lake, nothing can compare to the view from a helicopter. The journey starts by flying to Emerald Bay and continues clockwise around Lake Tahoe to witness the many stunning views that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

With a limited number of sunsets to see in a lifetime, it's important to miss as few as possible, and Lake Tahoe sunsets are some of the most breathtaking in the world. The one-hour flight captures the blood orange and purple skies as the sun sets behind the Sierras. After 14 years of flying, Tahoe Helicopters tours have perfectly timed the sunsets. But, it will be necessary to call after booking this tour so they schedule your specific departure time appropriately for the day requested.

Helicopter Tour Sunset

If you haven’t considered a helicopter tour of Lake Tahoe, then now is the time to book your adventure. Contact Josh at Tahoe Helicopters  530.544.2211 and they'll hook you up with the perfect tour for any budget, so now the only question is which tour to choose? Just remember to book your stay at Hotel Azure to relax after an exhilarating helicopter tour.  Book online or contact our in-house reservation team at 1.800.877.1466