The Perfect Mother’s Day in Tahoe

29th April, 2019

Are you struggling to think of the perfect Mother’s Day present? Show your mother a perfect day in beautiful Lake Tahoe and you'll be sure to create some awesome memories along the way. Because sometimes a hallmark card and flowers just won't cut it. Here are a few ideas on how to create the perfect Mother's day! 

Glen Alpine Falls

Glen Alpine Falls

May is the perfect time to catch the roaring waterfalls at the Glen Alpine Falls. The melting snowpack from the surrounding peaks is prime for viewing until early summer. Lower Glen Alpine Falls is easily accessible as it only steps from the road. You can get very close to the falls, and feel the water spray as it washes down the 60-foot multi-tier rock beds. From the bottom of the falls you can feel the rushing water coming at you, but venture to top and see the calm waters that feed the falls, for a different experience. Before making your way to falls spend some time walking the historic grounds of the Glen Alpine Springs Resort. The resort buildings were designed by renowned architect, Bernard Maybeck, designer of the San Francisco Palace of Fine Art.

Riva Grill Mother’s Day Brunch

Located just a half mile from Hotel Azure, borrow a pair of complimentary beach cruisers from the hotel and leisurely make your way to ski run marina. The culinary team has assembled a perfect Mother’s Day brunch that includes Prime rib and oven-roasted turkey carving stations, made-to-order omelet station, and assorted entrees and desserts. Enjoy Riva’s outdoor patio seating area and take in some of the best views of Lake Tahoe for a nice relaxing day.

Riva Patio

M.S. Dixie II Brunch Cruise

There’s no better way to see the sights of Emerald Bay than from the water. The 500 passenger paddle wheel M.S. Dixie II does not disappoint, offering up the breath-taking views of Emerald Bay and Fannette Island Tea House, along with a mouthwatering buffet. The two-hour cruise takes off from the Zephyr Cove Marina and is a one of a kind experience only found in Lake Tahoe.

MS Dixie

Cave Rock Lookout

The lookout point from the top of Cave Rock has spectacular views of Lake Tahoe that are hard to beat. The trail is great if you're limited on time or want a hike that's short, quick, and straight to the point. The hike follows a wide dirt path with beautiful views of the lake along the way. For the best views, navigate the pile of rocks to reach the top. From the top lookout, you can see the different hues of blue water around the lake. The sunsets from this lookout point are some of the best in Lake Tahoe.

Cave Rock Lookout

Show your mom how much you care this year by creating a fun-filled special day for her. Now is the time to plan the perfect mother’s day weekend adventure in Lake Tahoe, and create memories that will live on forever. Book online or contact our in-house reservation team at 1.800.877.1466