Top Tahoe Spots off the Beaten Path

16th July, 2020

Lake Tahoe is the place where people escape the summer heat, pandemic stress, and enjoy the views. It’s the perfect place to relax, recharge, and be one with nature. We’ve compiled some great spots to take you off the beaten path, social distance responsibly, and give you a fresh perspective of Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Sunset

Lounging at The Potholes

The Silver Lake potholes are a series of unusual pools and hollows formed in granite slabs and boulders where the waters have formed these unique and beautiful swimming holes. The area is located just past the Silver Lake West Campground and is a 15-minute hike with very little elevation change. Once there remember that the rushing water can be deep in certain areas. Make sure you visit the potholes on a warm day as the water is fed with snow runoff and can be chilly during the early summer.

Silver Lake Potholes

Cave Rock Trail

This easy trail is great if you're limited on time or want a hike that's short, quick, and straight to the point. The 1.6 miles round trip hike starts off Cave Rock Drive. Parking can be limited but it's a short hike so there's a lot of turnover. The hike has a wide dirt path with beautiful views of Lake Tahoe along the way. At the fork go left until you reach the base of the rocks that form the tunnel. For the best views easily navigate the pile of rocks to reach the top. Dogs are allowed on the trail leashed.

Whale Beach/ Secret Cove Trail 

The secluded beaches on the east shore are a great way to beat the crowds and experience Lake Tahoe in a new light. The trail starts from the Secret Cove parking lot off State Route 28. The 3-mile roundtrip hike is easy following the Forest Service road out to Whale Beach. The trail gradually starts downhill after the secret cove trail split. Dogs are allowed on the beach but must be leashed. The sunsets here are some of the best in Tahoe. The Secret Cove trail is steep in sections but has steps to help make your way to the cove.

Kayak East Shore Sunset

Castle Rock Trail

The castle rock trail is perfect when the crowds start flocking into town or if you want to experience something different. There are multiple ways to access Castle Rock, but the easiest access is from the parking lot at the end of Andria Dr./North Benjamin Drive directly off Kingsbury Grade. It's 2.8 miles round trip from the parking lot to Castle Rock. The trail starts from the green closed Forest Service road gate and is clearly marked. Follow the trail until you reach the second marker with a cairn (pile of rocks stacked on each other), and then go left. The trail will loop around but the easiest path is on the right. For the adventurous type, climb up the rock wall and feel like you're on top of the world. Dogs are allowed on the trail leashed.

Castle Rock View

The choices of cool spots around Lake Tahoe are endless and your adventure awaits. Regardless of what spot you choose, Hotel Azure is the perfect place to rest after a sun-filled adventuring day. For more information on this or any event please contact one of our friendly Guest Service team members at 1.800.877.1466 or [email protected].