Lake Tahoe Water Sports

27th August, 2019

Summers in Lake Tahoe brings world-class activities like paddling, boating, parasailing, and the largest alpine lake in the United States provides the perfect backdrop. Nothing beats Tahoe's perfect summer temperatures and crystal clear waters to get your inner adventurer ready to go. Regardless of how you like to have fun during the summer our list of Tahoe water sports is guaranteed to have something for everyone.


There is no better place to learn how to wakeboard or water ski than Lake Tahoe. Imagine getting the best views of your life while gliding across the glassy waters with the biggest smile on your face. Don’t worry if you don’t know how yet, Borges or Birkholm's Water Ski Wakeboard Schools offer lesson packages and will provide you with everything you’ll need. If you’re a stud on the water already then rent a boat from Tahoe Sports Ski Run Boat Company and get it fully equipped with wetsuits, and wakeboards/water skis. Another great outlet for renting a wakeboarding boat is Action Watersports at Timber Cove Marina, who's boat fleet will suit every interest and budget. 

Lake Tahoe Wakeboarding


It’s easy to understand why Lake Tahoe has long been a mecca for people seeking action water sports, including stand up paddleboarding and kayaking. There is no better way to appreciate the clarity of the lake than staring down from the surface. Early mornings are your best bet for the most glass-like conditions. It’s advised to paddle close to the shore out of the boat traffic and always wear a life jacket/preserver. Windy days can make stand up paddleboarding a challenge, especially for beginners. Some unique areas to explore by water are Cave Rock, El Dorado Beach, Camp Richardson, and of course the world-renowned Emerald Bay. Rentals are available at most beaches, SUP Tahoe, and South Tahoe Stand Up Paddle just steps away from Hotel Azure.

Lake Tahoe Sup and Kayaking


Nothing beats the rush of soaring high above Lake Tahoe, away from the crowds, and away from it all in your private paradise. As you begin floating up to 500+ feet, you will gradually come into a very calm and relaxed state. Action Water Sports at Timber Cove Marina will take care of everything, leaving you only with the important question, 500ft or 1000ft above the lake?

Lake Tahoe Parasailing

Power Boats & Jet Skis

Boat and Jet Ski rentals are available at several locations around Tahoe South. Major marinas like Lakeside, Camp Richardson, Timber Cove, and Round Hill Pines offer a wide variety of powerboats and jet skis. Rentals are available hourly, full, and half-day, along with a knowledgeable staff that’ll provide the expertise to get you out on the water.

Lake Tahoe Jet Ski

There is still plenty of time to enjoy all of the Tahoe water sports. From sun-filled days chalked with adventure on Lake Tahoe to relaxing evenings enjoying sunsets from your private balcony, Hotel Azure can provide you with everything you need for a fun and relaxing time in Lake Tahoe. Book online or contact our in-house reservation team at 1.800.877.1466