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South Lake Tahoe offers a variety of year-round activities for you to explore.  Choose your experience from easy going family fun to extreme adrenaline filled adventure.  If you would like to book any of the activities below or have a special request in mind, please feel free to contact our friendly Guest Services Team at 1.800 .877.1466 or email [email protected].

Summer Activities

Unparalleled views from above on  Lake Tahoe Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon

Merick Rickman
Paddle your way through paradise on a kayak or canoe for two, or one if you prefer

Guided Kayak Tours

Rachid Dahnoun
Golfing in South Lake Tahoe


Parasailing, the safest and easiest way to fulfill the adventurer in you.


Tahoe Action Watersports
The Lake Tahoe Basin is a popular mountain bike destination for both beginner and experienced riders

Wheels in Lake Tahoe

First Track Productions
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Horseback Riding

Zepher Cove Stables
Are you hooked on adrenaline? South Lake Tahoe is more than just a serene get away, but the perfect place to push yourself to new heights!

Rock Climbing

Samantha Sofia

Winter Activities