Wheels in Lake Tahoe

Riding the Lake Tahoe with two wheels or four

The Lake Tahoe Basin is a popular mountain bike destination for both beginner and experienced thrill riders. Plenty of nearby valleys and single-track trails for riders of all levels.

Mountain Biking

Photo: Walker Ranch 

You can travel with your own bike or you can rent one, Anderson's has mountain bikes to go on the trails and they are a good choice if you want to go for a serene ride through the pines too. There's also Tahoe Bike Company just a few minutes from Hotel Azure that has a variety of bikes including single or double Surreys.

For a more casual biking experience check out this list of trails through the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

But if you prefer if 4 wheels over 2, try the legendary Rubicon Trail. Guided excursions of this spectacular backcountry let you choose your ride. Select either ATVs, Hummers or Jeeps. Check out all your options at Lake Tahoe Adventures.

Rubicon Trail

Photo: Wikipedia

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